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Bombshell Louisiana Report Led To Republican Senator Rejecting Youth Trans Ban

They Never Supported Us: Target And Bud Light Show Hypocrisy Of "Corporate Pride"

Matt Walsh's Anger Over Opposition to Anti-Trans Dress Code In Mississippi

May Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map

TN Enacts Law Rolling Back Trans Rights, ID Changes, And Regressively Defines Sex

Florida's Trans Bathroom Ban Signed: Arrests To Follow Regardless Of Legal Gender Status

Nebraska GOP Tries To Break Trans Filibuster With Abortion Ban

Florida Agencies Manipulated Research To Ban Trans Care And Coverage

Trans Patients Being Dropped As Florida Law Bans "Up To 80%" Of Adult Gender Affirming Care

Missouri Republicans Refuse To Let Gay Man Speak Against Anti-Trans Bill, Silence Opposition

Constitutional Lawyers Mobilize Against Trans Care Bans Nationwide: 9 States Now Sued

The Zooey Zephyr I Love, From The Woman She Just Proposed To

With Florida's Trans Bathroom Ban, The World Feels Smaller For People Like Me

Oregon House Passes Mandatory Coverage For All Trans Healthcare And Abortion Protections

Trans Bans, Court Fights, And Legal Protections - Digest Of Anti-Trans Legislation

Fox News Poll: 86% Say Political Attacks On Trans Kids Are A Problem

Texas Could Be The Next State To End Most Adult Trans Care

Anti-Democratic And Anti-Minority Politics Collide: Rep Zephyr's Treatment In Montana Should Concern Us All

No, Minnesota's Trans Refuge Bill Won't "Take Kids From Parents" - But It Was Written To Stop Other States Doing That

Adult HRT Bans, Transgender Court Cases, And More: Erin Answers

Let Her Speak - Representative Zephyr's Support Grows As GOP Refuses To Let Trans Elected Speak On Any Bill

Trans Adults Officially Being Detransitioned In Missouri: "I'm Scared And Don't Know What To Do"

"With Pride And Determination," Rep Zephyr Responds To Republican Censure Attempt Over Passionate Defense Of Trans Rights

"When You Bow To Pray I Hope You See The Blood On Your Hands" - Trans Rep Condemns 4 Anti-Trans Bills In Montana

Washington Bill Protecting Runaways Obtaining Gender Affirming Care Or Abortion Passes House

Adult Trans Bans, Drag Laws, And More: Anti-trans Legislative Digest For Mid April

Missouri AG Just Banned Most Adult Gender Affirming Care In Cruelest Anti-Trans Move Yet

Equality Florida Issues Travel Advisory, Avoid Nonessential Travel

Missouri Senator Defends Child Marriage After Trans Ban Passes House

Washington Becomes 10th State To Give Fleeing Trans People Protection From Other States

Trans Rights Court Victories are Here: Indiana, Tennessee, and West Virginia See Big Trans Rights Victories In Court

Erin In The Morning Subscribers: Ask Me Anything April Edition

New Biden Trans Title IX Sports Regulations Feel Like A Betrayal

Dems Win Huge Supreme Court Race Despite $800k In Anti-trans Ads In Wisconsin

Montana Drag Ban Bill Could Target Peter Pan, Halloween Costumes

Bill Gives Florida "Emergency Jurisdiction" Over Trans Kids In Custody Disputes, Targets Adult Care

April Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map

"Stand up fight back!" - Trans Day Of Visibility Brings Huge Crowds, Court Victories

Kentucky Rep. Stevenson Rebukes Anti-Trans Law As Protestors Arrested In Gallery In Surreal Scene

Nebraska GOP Tries To Stop Trans Filibuster, Dems File 742 Motions In Response

Florida And Arkansas Pass Adult Trans Bathroom Bans Out Of Committee

New Anti-Trans Bills Outlaw "Aiding And Abetting" Youth Transition

Post-op HRT Laws, Telehealth, And What Companies Can Do Against Anti-trans Bills - Erin Answers

"You Don't Get That This Session Is Over" - Trans Rights Filibuster In Nebraska Continues

Florida Rep Says Trans People "Are Dead" After Transition, Passes Bill In Committee

Georgia Becomes 10th State To Pass A Ban On Trans Care For Youth

Maryland Pushes Back, Passes Trans Coverage For All Gender Procedures Through Medicaid

Montana Republican Admits Detransition Is Rare, Witness States "0 Of My Patients Regret Transition"

March Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map

Debunked: No, 80% Of Trans Youth Do Not Detransition

Mics Off, 6 Minutes Notice - Anti-Trans Kentucky Forced Detransition Bill Passes After Shameful Secret Meeting

Filibusters Grind Anti-Trans Bills In Missouri And Nebraska To A Halt - Here Are The Legislators Standing Up For Trans Kids

Her Name Was Eden

Erin In The Morning Subscribers: Ask Me Anything March Edition

Anti-trans Legislative Digest: Drag Bans, Bounty Hunters, And More

2600 Leaked Anti-trans Lobbyist Emails Show Fundamentalism, Not Evidence, Is How First Anti-Trans Bills Were Drafted

Minnesota's Order Makes It One Of The Safest For Trans People Fleeing Criminalizing States

"Let Them Live!" - National Anti-Trans Bill Gets Its First Hearing And Democrats Push Back Hard

How The GOP Trying To Enact Knowles's Trans Eradication

Trans Book Recs, Dealing With Unsafe States, The State of Allyship, and More- Erin Answers

Second Period Anti-trans Legislative Risk Map

Shouts Echo In Kentucky's Legislature As Anti-trans Bill Passes House With Nobody Having Read It

Powerful Speech Halts Bathroom Ban In Arkansas: "Most Extreme Anti-trans Law In America" Gets Pulled

Oklahoma Bill Would Effectively End Adult Trans Care, Moves To Senate Floor

"We Must Ban Transgenderism Entirely" - Republican Operatives Increasingly Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

Consider Getting Girl Scout Cookies From A Trans Kid This Year!

Erin In The Morning Subscribers: Ask Me Anything Late February Edition

Anti-Trans Legislative Digest: A Rundown Of What's Moving

Kentucky Releases Bill That Is Every Anti-Trans Bill Rolled Into One, Bans Social Transition Services

Trans Activists Score Major Victory In Wyoming, Defeat Healthcare Ban In A Red State For The First Time In 2023

FL Bill Makes Transphobia Accusations Defamation, $35k Penalty

"This Will Get Ripped Up By Courts" - TN Bill Bans Adult Trans Coverage In Any State If Contracting With TennCare

Florida "Reverse Woke" Act Tries To End Adult Trans Healthcare Coverage

Good Countries To Be Trans, What If Trump Wins, And More - Erin Answers

This Must Stop: TPUSA's Charlie Kirk Calls For Anti-Trans Violence "Like In The 50s/60s"

I Signed A Critical NYT Trans Letter. Their Response Is Insulting.

Missouri Considers Forcing Detransition On Incarcerated Trans People

Montana House Passes Right To Bully Trans Kids

"She Would Have Wanted Change" - Brianna Ghey And All Trans People Deserve Dignity

"Systematically Reduce Their Hormones" - South Dakota Passes Anti-Trans Bill With Forced Detransition Clause

First Period Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Assessment Map

Missouri Anti-trans "Whistleblower" Story Is A Manufactured Controversy - Point By Point

Trans People Turn To Stockpiling Meds, Gray Market Due To Anti-trans Bills And Policies

Montana Senate Passes Social Transition Restrictions and Care Ban For Trans Youth

Watch Transgender Reps Give Powerful Floor Speeches Against Anti-Trans Legislation In Virginia And Montana

Lets Not Forget About Wendy Carlos In Kim Petras Historic Grammy Win

Erin In The Morning Subscribers: Ask Me Anything February Edition

The Anti-Trans State Of The States

Arkansas Drag Ban Gutted! All Instances Of "Drag" Removed In Big Victory, Activists Vow To Keep Fighting

National Trans Bans? Both Trump And DeSantis Advocate Anti-Trans Policies On Same Day

"Tennessee Will Not Be Able To Defend This," ACLU's Chase Strangio Testifies Against Anti-Trans Bill

North Dakota Rep Compares Trans Kids to Secondhand Smoke

Tennessee Amendment Would Ban Out Of State Care For Trans Youth, Define As Child Abuse

Utah Care Ban For Trans Youth Takes Effect Immediately, Gov. Cox Signs

Montana Senator Did Not Even Read His Own Anti-trans Bill - Trans Supporters Outnumber Anti-Trans Testimony 4 to 1

Video: Attempts To Cleave The Trans Community, Trans People In Unsafe States, and My Favorite Coffee Order -- Erin Answers

"Why Am I Here?" Anti-trans Witness Questions Herself In Missouri After Seeing Trans Kid During Grueling 9 Hour Hearing

"Would This Ban Pride? Probably." Arkansas Anti-trans Drag Bill Passes Senate

Consenting To Trans Care Under 21 Could Be A Felony In New Mississippi Bill

Bill Cites Litterbox Hoax To Ban Trans Kids From Bathrooms In North Dakota

Utah, Mississippi, and Florida Race To Ban Care For Trans Youth

Updated Anti-trans Legislative Risk Assessment Map

Utah Republicans Exclude Cis Teen Breast Implants From Trans Care Ban

"How Can You Enforce this?" DNA Pronouns Bill Fails In North Dakota

New WV Obscenity Bill Would Jail People For "Transgender Exposure" To Minors

Mississippi Bill Uses Abortion Ban Tactic To Target Trans Care

This Year, Get Girl Scout Cookies From Trans Scouts

Erins Tips For Those About To Transition

Five State Bills Would Take Trans Kids From Parents And Charge With Child Abuse

North Dakota Bill Would Require Employers Use Pronouns "Associated With Deoxyribonucleic Acid"

It Was Never About Sports: The Strategy Of The Anti-Trans Right

Indiana Bill Would Hijack Conversion Therapy Laws To Ban Transition

Anti-trans Legislative Roundup: 23 Bills In 14 More States Target Trans People

Erin In The Morning Subscribers: Ask Me Anything

More States File Bills To Force Medical Detransition On Trans People - Kentucky and Kansas

Oklahoma Could Force Trans People Under 26 Years Old To Detransition Medically

Top 5 Hardest States To Be Transgender

Kentucky Bill Would Declare Emergency Over Trans Kids In Bathrooms