Every victory is a win

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Jan 19, 2023Liked by Erin Reed

The author of this bill is an embarrassment to the state government. Luckily there are still checks and balances in place in the State of North Dakota that stopped this travesty

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North Dakota- a relatively isolated part of the US that, ostensibly, fits the bill of being very conservative and opposed to 'new rights'.

It all depends, though, on the integrity and personal experience of each member of the State legislature.

0-7 loss is pretty brutal, especially when it's not a football game!!

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Erin, I am so thankful for you and the work you do. It really, truly matters. From a mama of trans kids, thank you!! I hope you feel extra loved today💓

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I used to work for Medical Genetics at Emory University, where we did sex tests on newborns. Think about that - One of my main jobs was to sort out the chromosomes from a photograph to determine what the sex of a baby or child was, because the physical genitalia were anything from deformed to nonexistent. One out of every thousand children is born with "indeterminate genitalia". The doctors, nurses, and parents literally could not tell, looking at the baby/child, what sex it was. In the old days - and still today - they would simply assign "sex" according to their own preference - and a lot of times they were wrong. At least with sex tests - which are not done on every newborn, but probably should be - a scientific designation can be made. Except that the variations of genetic results can range from the normal XX or XY to XXX, XYY, XXY, and many many more. Nature is not "always right" or "always perfect".

And then there's the Guevedoces: "In a small community in the Dominican Republic, some males are born looking like girls and only grow penises at puberty," Raised as girls - and generally hating it, they become male around 12. How did that happen? A 1970 study showed the following:

"When you are conceived you normally have a pair of X chromosomes if you are to become a girl and a set of XY chromosomes if you are destined to be male. For the first weeks of life in womb you are neither, though in both sexes nipples start to grow.

Then, around eight weeks after conception, the sex hormones kick in. If you're genetically male the Y chromosome instructs your gonads to become testicles and sends testosterone to a structure called the tubercle, where it is converted into a more potent hormone called dihydro-testosterone This in turn transforms the tubercle into a penis. If you're female and you don't make dihydro-testosterone then your tubercle becomes a clitoris.

When Imperato-McGinley investigated the Guevedoces she discovered the reason they don't have male genitalia when they are born is because they are deficient in an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which normally converts testosterone into dihydro-testosterone.

This deficiency seems to be a genetic condition, quite common in this part of the Dominican Republic, but vanishingly rare elsewhere. So the boys, despite having an XY chromosome, appear female when they are born. At puberty, like other boys, they get a second surge of testosterone. This time the body does respond and they sprout muscles, testes and a penis."


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.

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Would you be willing to include the links to videos you site in your posts? I receive this as a simple HTML email and there is nothing to click on unless I go to your site.

Thank you.

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Glad this failed but only because they didn't want to spend money, it seems. Ugh.

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Erin do you have contact info for these house and Senate members. If there is a way to get the members actual they're even the information that was brought out by people questioning about intersex was was incorrect and it was obviously obvious dude had no clue about intersex oh yeah and I looked up how much it would cost for DNA test just a care of test to determine male or female is about $300 and I in this bill is not enforceable and I don't see how some of our bills are enforceable either but yeah I'd like to be able to get a hold of some of these people and get them some real information not just the f****** right-wing talking points that these bills have been made oninformation and actual studies on what this kind of thing does to people especially children

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