This is so infuriating to hear.

We all pay taxes like everyone else, we should get the same support and treatment from our government.

No taxation without representation, so who’s representing us?

They’ll outlaw testosterone and estrogen, but assault weapons are ok in their eyes.

In 2021 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit filed an opinion that 18 - 20 yo should be eligible to buy handguns, while Erin has shown us that some states want to raise the age to transition to 26! 26!

No one (that I’m aware of) ever died of a testosterone injection. Hell, I took T for 4 years when my urologist misdiagnosed me for having low T. That’s when I began thinking it’s more of a case of low E. I stopped and never refilled or went back.

I’m glad I support Erin’s work, more people need to know about these horrific bills.

Spread the word everyone!

I’ll get off my soapbox.

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This is a national catastrophe in the making. Driven by fear and contempt. After reading material from "both" and all sides, I've come to this conclusion. Trans people won't go down without a fight. We do have allies and friends and family who will help us to continue receiving care. Also, professionals who understand how important our care is to us. It is ironic that the GOP, which considers itself the party of freedom is driving these bills to end personal choice in healthcare. Sometimes personal choice in clothing or pronouns! Also, banning books - this is on the table in many states. All of it is a reactionary flood. Thanks for working so hard on this Erin!

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