In 1933 the Germans did something very similar when they raided the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (A sexology institute) they took patient records and with the data collected, rounded up many LGBT folk. History is repeating itself, we have to push harder than ever so our stories in this lifetime have a better ending.

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They want to make it literally impossible for us to exist in society.

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Could you please tell me.

Is it possible for Texas to eventually reverse the sex/name change court order done in that state and therefore reverse the changes to social security, passort, and drivers license information?

Can new laws retroactively reverse an old order like that?

If they can, what options would there be to prevent a sudden forced information change?

This has been my biggest fear.

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this is horrible , nothing good comes from states trying to make list of minorities. I wish there was something we could do to get them out of that hellhole.

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Hay Texas I am transgender and will never visit your state for any reason. I have money and travel but I won't be spending any of it with anyone there and guess what a lot of corporations are going to do the same. So once again you politicians screw over your people. You can't even keep your power on when people are freezing but you waist time and money on this idiocy. Stop wasting time on religious hatred and get some work done. Fix the real problems in your very broken state.

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This is disgusting. This is Gilead and Nazi Germany and these people making these registries and laws cannot see what monsters they are. It needs to stop! Be kind to all people.

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Dec 14, 2022·edited Dec 14, 2022

To me, with the Texas DMV data pull, the data should not be able to be actionable to dates prior to the date the regulations were enacted.

The states that want to collect medical information are treading into HIPPA territory where medical facilities snd staff are not allowed under law to release that information and no individual can be made to provide that.

So if the states get that medical data, are they and their staffers subject to the same penalties with disclosure of HIPPA information?

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Never trust any government that wants a specific list of people for vague reasons under the guise of "protecting the children". Trans people should do their best to get out of these states ASAP if possible.

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Once we get past the unbelievable emotional & psychological impact of what is actually happening all around us, we must face the fact that this is a very well organized, long-term, well-funded continuation of the same beliefs which underpinned the holocaust, the KKK, and the Jim Crow era.

While feminism & the civil rights movement may have held them at bay temporarily, they have remained committed, redoubled their efforts, & entrenched themselves in every state, every branch of government, every social media platform, & now every school board across this country. They hold positions of power in every sector, and every nation. They have embraced extreme capitalism as a means to gain control of everything.

While we (& I hold myself responsible as well) have enjoyed the seeming success & progress of an “evolved progressive society”, they have remained committed to their cause, further establishing the extensive infrastructure necessary to eventually take back the power they feel they have lost, and to which they firmly believe they are solely entitled.

While I would prefer to turn away from the horrors I learn of every single day in my research, I cannot live with myself knowing what I know, seeing what I see, and not recognize the intense urgency and utmost critical importance of this crisis.

While we’ve remained focused on our individual experiences, they have expanded their influence & power across the entire planet.

We are exhausted, fearful, divided, & leaderless. We are overwhelmed, traumatized, & triggered. More significantly, however, we are isolated by our demographics. We feel powerless because we lack a unifying infrastructure from which to defend the fundamental human rights to which all people are entitled. We thought the Constitution was leading our country in the right direction. We must recognize that it is not.

THIS must be our focus: we must unite in support of one another, holding nothing back, throwing our strength behind the dignity of ALL. We must reject the divisiveness inherent in blame, we must refuse to be divided, regardless of the ignorance which causes us to be offended. We must own our inherent value regardless of anyone’s hate. Remember that together we vastly outnumber those who seek to oppress.

I strongly encourage everyone to take some time to rest & find moments of joy. We have a lot to do.

Literally everything is at stake.

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How do you know that de-anonymized data was transferred and as far as you know is the request and transfer illegal? I'm hoping that the DOJ can investigate and charge.

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