In case anyone is feeling alone, feeling the heaviness of public silence, and needs a hopeful community support story:

Here in Texas, the gender-affirming health care ban for youth was heard in public health committee yesterday (HB 1686). One can only formally register to speak or formally register an opinion for/against by visiting the Capitol, in-person, on the day of a given hearing. Not remote, and not beforehand.

With just a weekend's notice, yesterday, nearly 3,000 people registered IN-PERSON against the bill, with less than 100 for.

And some people stayed there 16, 18 hours - including cishet people I know who don't even have trans close friends or family - to try and get to testify against. F'ng incredible.

Our opposition is so fundamentally outnumbered and out-passioned. <3

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Hi Erin! I don't have all the context, but I paid just to drop this message: I am trans and work for the largest medical network and telehealth company in the world as an engineer. Please contact me and we'll see how we can help!

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So, so grateful for this. Thank you for everything, Erin!

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