If you are an adult in Florida affected by this please contact my campaign. I am currently seeking an attorney to challenge this. Please do note having just launched to run for State Senate my campaign office consists of only me, so I may not be able to get back to you immediately. I will do everything I can to help as I build my team to challenge this. I can be found on FB & IG @AddVanceforFlorida and by email at addvanceforflorida@gmail.com

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This is a disgusting, hideous and cruel development. Essentially, they want to make gender-affirming care illegal, without having to outright state such. These restrictions are so onerous and unworkable that, unless they can be successfully challenged in court (like what happened with Missouri), there will be no other solution for trans Floridians other than to migrate to another state.

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Leaving Florida for New York. Transitioned 40 years ago in 1984. Went to Trinidad and Dr Biber. Hurdles were many, difficult and there were no resources

When will they come and knock on my door in the middle of the night?

Our Exodus out of Florida- I’ve given it a name.

You’ve heard of Brexit...

This today is our FLEXIT

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Thanks, I hate it.

FYI, I live on the Mississippi gulf coast. If anybody needs help (i.e. evacuation/pitstop), hit me up, I'll see if I can help

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Watching all this unravel, this feels incredibly vindictive. It’s obvious they just want to cause as much harm as possible.

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We need to continue to watch these laws carefully, even those of us who are in supposedly safe states. As Florida, Texas and other states pass their laws, conservatives in other states are watching to see which laws stick and which ones fail. Slowly but surely they are drawing up a template that other states can use to pass similar laws. In my opinion, our health care is in far greater peril now than it has ever been. If these trends continue, there is no place in this country that can guarantee safe sanctuary now or in the future.

To quote a famous captain... "the line must be drawn here, this far, no further". To allow any further erosion of our rights is to invite our own extinction.

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This of course is unconstitutional and will be challenged in court. The recent rulings by Judge Hinkle point toward this being struck down--probably quickly. This is an age old story especially in Florida. They want to bring back a trans 'Jim Crow' Era.

The good news is as frustrating as all this is to go through, the courts are pointing out that there are standards of care--and they are good and rational. As frustrating as it is to have to litigate these things, the rulings will make it harder to try these tactics again.

They fought tooth and nail to keep segregation and keep black people from voting in the 60s. They lost. (They are still trying to keep black people from voting. Sigh).

Stuff like this is discouraging but let us not lose hope.

"You will know we are Christians by our---wait, what?"

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I think that its going to be difficult to overcome the effective banning of informed consent through the court system.

I hope this is not the direction they are going. Even though I live in a "safe-state" in a major metropolitan area I have been unable to find a PCP who will manage HRT, so I had to get it through informed consent (which has its own problems, namely that they treat the care as purely cookie cutter).

If informed consent went away.... lets hope it doesn't come to that and lets hope that the federal government doesn't get the fascist trifecta again.

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Is there any hope of these restrictions being dismantled by a court? Or is it hopeless?

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One step forward a million steps backwards.This relentless attack on transgender people is so dangerous, inhumane and cruel. How anyone could vote republican, I will never understand. Hopefully the ACLU will take action against this bill.

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All of this amounts to nothing but the infliction of pain on a very small number of people for no useful purpose. It is detestable conduct by people who have no one in their lives who this affects.

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The best way to deal with this is to lay bare anything in these people’s personal and sexual lives that would hold them up to judgment. They have forfeited the right to any private life by these intrusions.

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National Review is conducting a webathon and freely admits that they are trying to raise money by targeting trans folks. Noah Rothman today: "Our webathon has focused in large part on our coverage of the transgender-advocacy madness." This is detestable - demonizing 0.6 percent of the population to feed the outrage machine and stoke hate. CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO NATIONAL REVIEW IN RESPONSE. TELL NATIONAL REVIEW THAT COVERING POLITICS AND STATING A CASE FOR CONSERVATISM DOES NOT INVOLVING PUNCHING THE CRAP OUT OF LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF AMERICA'S POPULATION. The American Dream is for ALL Americans.

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I think it’s important we let our leaders know how we feel my email to the president

I was and still am a loyal supporter

But when you treat Prime Minister Modi as royalty ignoring his record on human rights while at the same time allowing abuse of American citizens in the state of Florida


What are we suppose to think

You either have are backs or don’t but if you aren’t going to do anything about this please don’t lie to us

My company will continue to support our community CATS Community Action for Transgender Support will grow alliances and legal support but we need and expect help from our leaders


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I truly hate these people

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"The owners of Hamburger Mary’s Orlando, part of a chain of drag-themed restaurants, sued the state, claiming that the law violated their First Amendment rights.

U.S. District Judge Gregory A. Presnell agreed, writing that the language of the law is vague and “dangerously susceptible to standardless, overbroad enforcement.”"

With any luck, this is a sign that Florida's anti-trans laws, as well, will be challenged by the federal courts - although, ultimately, the Supreme Court of the U.S. is where the final say will be.

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